BLACK BOX is a story of players, on stage and off, making deals to save or sell their souls.  An actress, a critic, and a patron form a dramatic triangle whose ambitions collide within the confines of a “black box” theater – an unadorned performance space enclosed by black walls.  BLACK BOX probes the power of performing art, as well as the price some pay for its pursuit.

Ned Prince leads an enviable life.  An acclaimed young writer and heir to an ample fortune, he spends a handsome allowance playing at working.  But when tragedy strikes Ned’s father, leaving a depleted estate, Ned is forced to take a real job as a theater critic.  He is mesmerized by an actress who has sold herself to a financier for a stage of her own – a black box.  After all off-stage attempts fail, Ned resorts to theater to avenge his father and liberate the actress.

BLACK BOX contains mature content and is recommended for adult readers.”


Black Box is a nicely paced tale, told with insight and affection for both the theater and the suspense genre – a nifty mash-up of Ibsen, Shakespeare, and Mickey Spillane.”

Paul Frellick, Deep Dish Theater Company Artistic Director