Welcome to the online home of Gary D. Cole, author of the memoirs Newsboy and Artless, as well as the novel Black Box. We invite you to learn about Gary and his books.   

Praise for Gary’s Books

"Like a bike ride through a turbulent, unsettling, yet beautiful landscape, Cole's deceptively simple tale of a kid delivering newspapers on his trusty Schwinn is so much more than what it at first appears.  In clear and concise language the tale propels us through the awakening of a happy but innocent and unworldly boy to the cultural changes occurring around him.  The world is exploding, and, as the newsboy learns, so is he.  The print he delivers--and reads in wonder--and the people he meets and listens to on his route become the education of a lifetime.  By the end of Newsboy you'll marvel that this kid has taught you so much.  I loved this book."  Rick Telander, Sports Columnist, Chicago Sun-Times

“His unforgettably honest and eye-opening memoir, Artless, is an engrossing encounter [and a] stunning read ….”  Leonard Jacobs, Backstage

“… If you’re a lover of theatre, you’ll really love the journey through Black Box.”  Michael Mendelson, Artistic Director, Portland Shakespeare Project

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