The American High School Theatre Festival

The American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF) offers a unique opportunity for U.S. high school students to participate in the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. High school theater programs are chosen annually through a comprehensive nomination and evaluation process. Students in the selected programs travel to London and then on to Edinburgh, where they perform at official Fringe Festival venues and attend other shows and workshops. For more information, visit

As a longtime participant in the fringe (off-off Broadway type) theater scene and the author of a novel that revolves around fringe theater, Gary is committed to supporting high school programs chosen for AHSTF. Gary will contribute the net proceeds from copies of his novel Black Box sold through a participating high school program and will also assist in other efforts to raise the funds required to take part in AHSTF. If your high school has been chosen to participate in AHSTF and you would like to enlist Gary’s support, please e-mail Gary at

As a resident of North Carolina, Gary is particularly excited to be supporting the theater program at Needham Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, which has been selected to participate in the 2015 AHSTF. To ensure a donation to Broughton or other participating high school when
you purchase Black Box through this website, just enter the "Partners in Performance" code assigned to that school on the checkout page (or enter the code in the "Instructions to Seller" box if you're buying an eBook). If you're not sure of a school's Partners in Performance code, check with that school or e-mail Gary.